Look, It’s Complicated

Link: Look, It’s Complicated

From Aaron Carroll over at The Incidental Economist. Post-debate thoughts from the realm of healthcare. My favorite:

Rep. Paul wants to go all medical savings accounts. That’s not a health reform plan. They exist already. He also wants to free the markets.

I would also add that he wants a return to the “doctor-patient relationship,” that jives with my congressman’s sentiments. My only issue is…I’m not exactly sure what that means. Furthermore, the “free the markets” line is getting a little old. It just doesn’t seem like a panacea to every societal issue to me, any more than “get the government to do it” would be. Yet I don’t hear from the other side of the spectrum that the solution to every problem/issue is the gov’t. Listening to last nights debate, you’d think we didn’t live in a mixed economy like most every other developed nation in the world.

Do read the rest of Mr. Carroll’s thoughts. TIE is an great place for healthcare insight.