Thanksgiving, Cherpumple Edition


Introducing the 21 pound cherpumple. Yes, that is an apple, pumpkin, and cherry pie baked together into a three-layer cake.

Other Thanksgiving goodies:

The Behavioral Economics of Thanksgiving:

”Move to chopsticks!” he exclaimed, making bites smaller and harder to take. If the chopsticks are a bit extreme, smaller plates and utensils might work the same way. Study after study shows that people eat more when they have more in front of them. It’s one of our predictable irrationalities: We judge portions by how much is left rather than how full we feel. Smaller portions lead us to eat less, even if we can refill the plate.


In case dealing with your extended family isn’t enough of a hassle, here’s more bad news: As part of America’s general economic malaise, a Thanksgiving turkey is growing more expensive. In fact, we appear to have suffered a Lost Decade of Turkey.

Turkey does NOT make you sleepy:

While not everyone stoops to the level of Seinfeld’s Jerry and George, who used tryptophan in turkey to lull a girl asleep so that they could play with her toys, the supposed sleep-inducing effects of tryptophan in turkey are commonly recounted at American Thanksgiving feasts and in the popular media around the holidays.

…The truth is, turkey is not to blame for your sleepiness.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the day off from your diet.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving, Cherpumple Edition

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