Saturday Trio (LINKS)

Regulations don’t kill jobs, they create them.

It turns out that sensible environmental regulations are actually good for business, as well as for the trees, fish and birds. Smart regulations create new jobs in industries that make pollution-control equipment or that provide environmental services. They encourage businesses to employ the most efficient equipment and methods. They help other industries to flourish that couldn’t otherwise, such as fishing, agriculture and tourism. They increase productivity by keeping workers alive and on the job. They benefit our children by keeping them free of poisons that can weaken their bodies and minds

*Note: It strikes me that both pro and anti-regulatory advocates rarely seek to understand the benefits and deficiencies of certain regulations.

Foreigners Save More Than Americans—But Is That a Good Thing?

To make a long story short, saving money turns out to be a lot like borrowing money—it really depends what your money goes to.

*Note: This is a concept that’s always struck me as being at odds with our consumerist spirit. Economists always advocate policies that promote savings, but I’ve routinely wondered “To what ultimate end?”

Study: Spending cuts are more credible coming from left-wing governments

Matt Mitchell of the Mercatus Center urges a renewed commitment to large-scale deficit reduction in the wake of the supercommittee’s demise, arguing that spending cuts would be more credible if they came from a Democrat-led government.

*Note: Inasmuch as left-wing governments are seen as stereotypical tax and spenders. The concept is that policies that defy the expectations of party constituents are more credible and long-lasting.


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