Tuesday Morning: Linked and Loaded

Links to what I’ve been reading:

New Twist in the Obamacare Lawsuits

The legal case against the Affordable Care Act may have just become weaker. And it’s not because of anything that happened in Washington. It’s because of something that happened in Florida: The filing of bankruptcy papers by Mary Brown, who until recently owned and operated an auto repair shop near Pensacola.

Frank Luntz, Occupy and the Battle for Economic Freedom

The always excellent Mike Konczal:

As Seth Ackerman pointed out [link fixed], there’s an entire industry around Democrats and liberals trying to get an edge on Luntz with even more carefully polled wordplay. However, by talking directly about the power of the 1 percent over our lives, the broken political process, burdensome debts, and a collapsed labor market, the Occupy movement has gotten Luntz’s attention in a few short months.

Would you trust a Randian banker?

Conservatives give a lot of deference to the opinions of business leaders and other ‘job creators’. The operating assumption is that their criticisms of White House policies are accurate and well informed. What if this assumption is largely off-base?

Carl’s Jr and the Affordable Care Act

I spent some time yesterday puzzling over George Will’s column “Choking on ObamaCare”whose point is supposed to be that the Affordable Care Act will be a job killer, but that actually winds up saying almost nothing about the Affordable Care Act’s impact on the labor market.


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