Linked and Loaded Evening

Links to what I’ve been reading.

Rush Limbaugh’s Cowardly Approach to the Newt Gingrich Debate
Conner Friedersdorf

When William F. Buckley was the leading voice in the conservative movement, he spent 33 years going on Firing Line and matching his mind against all comers. Now the leading voice in the conservative movement says he won’t joust with anyone, because they’re all secret liberals, plus being famous is ever so “limiting.” The truth is he wouldn’t dare to debate Ann Coulter.

Social Insurance and Individual Freedom
Uwe Reinhardt

We need different health insurance systems for different Americans. I mean by this not Americans who differ by age or ability to pay but Americans with different notions of a just society.

Supply-side’s abject failure
Andrew Fieldhouse

In a speech Tuesday, President Obama issued a damning critique of trickle down economics and a stark defense of social insurance and public investments funded by progressive taxation. The president’s speech in Osawatomie, Kan., addressed the challenges of rebuilding the middle class and tempering income inequality, making the case that doubling down on the supply-side experiment of the last decade will fail the needs of the vast majority.


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