Linked and Loaded Morning


Links to what I’ve been reading.

A good start to reviving the middle class

David Frum:

What would a serious plan to improve middle-class incomes and opportunities look like?

It would start by addressing the way in which middle-class income is drained off before it ever reaches the middle class.

Today In Dishonest Fox News Charts

Zachary Pleat – Media Matters

It looks like Fox is trying to mislead its viewers on the unemployment rate. Again.

[…]Note how the 8.6 percent unemployment rate in November looks higher than March’s 8.8 percent rate, and about the same as the 9 percent unemployment rate in October.

*My Note – Pictures don’t lie. How did no one catch this?

Invented People are Still People

Noah Millman:

When people say that the Palestinians “are just Arabs” they are on one level correct. In 1900, before Palestinian Arabic could have been influenced by Hebrew, the Arabic spoken by a citizen of Haifa would have been extremely similar to the Arabic spoken by a citizen of Damascus. “Palestinians are just Arabs” is as historically and ethnologically correct as “Palestine is just part of Greater Syria” – which, at various points in history, has in fact been the Syrian perspective on the matter.

And, on another level, it’s obviously incorrect. The Arabs of Palestine had the nationalizing experience of reacting to Jewish colonization of their country – country in the French sense of “native land” rather than “state”. That experience was foreign to the otherwise-similar population in Syria, and resulted in a distinct identity.

Congress has a very expensive to-do list

Sarah Kliff:

With just about two weeks left in the year, Congress still has a lot on its plate. About a half-dozen federal tax and spending policies are set to expire at the end of the year. They range from extending unemployment insurance to the payroll tax holiday to the Medicare doctor fix, and extending any of them costs billions.

Newt Gingrich – Intellectual

Kevin Drum:

[…]In this view of things, Bachmann and Perry and Cain are the girls you want to have a fling with, but Gingrich is the girl you want to marry. No matter how many dumb teleprompter jokes they make — and this has been a staggeringly hardy laugh line among the right-wing for the past two years — in reality conservatives are intimidated by Obama’s obvious intelligence. Deep in their hearts, they really don’t want to nominate a moron like Perry or a clown like Cain or a kook like Bachmann because they’re afraid Obama will tear them apart.


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