Linked and Loaded Iowa Caucus


Links to what I’ve been reading. Iowa caucus edition.

Dave Weigel reports on Rick Santorum’s newest problem – media attention:

A media onslaught in the 36 hours before a caucus is the most natural thing in the world. Santorum’s response, mostly, has been to gloat about it (he joked that some of the pundits counting him out were “in the room,” not applauding for him). Gamely, he answered every horse race question he got. A typical answer: “We’re feeling good.” The more interesting questions came from constituents, who gave Santorum chances to unload on immigration policy, foreign policy, the weakness of Barack Obama, and the lameness of his opponents.” He listed five priorities, then joked that he hadn’t hesitated at all — a jab at Rick Perry that everyone understand

Alec MacGillis covers the Romney campaign:

There’s a wonderful video clip floating around of Mitt Romney during his 1994 Senate campaign, going into a beleaguered greasy spoon restaurant in Waltham, Mass. He walks into the dim main room and exclaims, “My goodness! What’s going on here today? Look at this! This is terrific!” Except it wasn’t terrific at all — it was a smattering of older folks sitting bent over their cups of coffee, most seated all by themselves, barely reacting to Romney’s noisy entrance.

I thought of that video these past two days, because Romney uses pretty much the same sort of exclamation now on entering his events.

Ezra Klein breaks the bad news for Santorum fans:

The Republican presidential primary increasingly feels like a bad work of history. It feels like the author is straining to inject drama and uncertainty into a story that’s barreling toward an obvious and inexorable conclusion. And that conclusion is, of course, Mitt Romney.

Rachel Weiner thinks Independents might be the key:

Only registered Republicans can vote in the Iowa caucuses, but anyone eligible to vote or even registered with another party can decide to register as a Republican on Tuesday evening and participate in the caucuses.

“I think we could have record caucus turnout, and I think that could be in large part with people who had affliated themselves as independents and now will affliate themselves as Republicans,” said Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz (R), who is supporting former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum .






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