Motivated Iowans

More Iowa caucus goodness, from Ezra Klein, and in my favorite form – a graph. Specifically, what’s motivating Iowa caucus goers:

Just a couple of points:

  • Like most conventional wisdom, likely GOP caucus goers believe Mitt Romney has the best chance of beating President Obama. What’s interesting is that more people also believe that Ron Paul would have a better chance than Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, and Huntsman in beating Obama.
  • Ron Paul leads the pack with agreement on the issues, but slightly edging out Romney is Rick Santorum. Is this the evangelical voting block flexing it’s muscle?
  • The most surprising category is candidate support – Mitt Romney handily beats Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Again, is this level of support surprising to no one else?
  • I have the distinct feeling that Jon Huntsman lost his chance to be relevant.

Click through for the excellent second part of this poll.


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