Linked and Loaded Wednesday

Links to what I’ve been reading.

David Frum believes that he knows why Independent voters favored Ron Paul:

How to understand the New Hampshire primary? Start with this important fact: “independents” does not = “centrists.” If Ron Paul did well with independents, it’s because the state’s independents actually tilt to the right of the mainstream Republican party.

The Philosophers Beard has an interesting post regarding the ethics of Adam Smith’s economic philosophy:

Adam Smith founded economics as an independent field of study by synthesising and systemizing classical economics in The Wealth of Nations. But he was also a significant moral philosopher of the Scottish Enlightenment and a close friend of David Hume, and he saw economics as a branch of moral philosophy. This post analyses Smith as a key moral philosopher of commercial society whose ethical economics is far more relevant today than contemporary economists realise.

David Dayen keeps us up to date on the Indiana Dem’s walkout over Right to Work legislation:

After the 6-minute committee hearing in the Indiana legislature on a right-to-work bill, House Democrats have had enough, again. They have walked out of the state House for the second time in a week, denying Republicans a quorum on the legislation. This suggests that they still don’t have the votes to defeat right-to-work on the floor, and will employ extraordinary tactics to stop the bill. Protests led by labor groups continue at the state House in Indianapolis.

Dave Weigel reminds us that ballots typically have more the handful of candidates. Click through for the pictures:

For trivia purposes, behold: The Republican and Democratic ballots. Still on the ballot: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Gary Johnson, and I’d completely forgotten that obsessive Obama gadfly Andy Martin was still running.


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