Why are you not hiring?

Gallup released a new poll this morning, conducted jointly with Wells Fargo, that asked 600 small business owners why they were or were not hiring:

Let’s go ahead and disregard the top reason, because we’re not really concerned with employers who don’t need to hire right now. So what is the relevant number one reason that employers are not hiring? Inadequate revenues or sales to justify the hire. The second? A poor economy. The third? Cash flow or the ability to make payroll. Now look at the reason for why these small businesses are hiring:

1 – Expanding business operations. 2 – Increased consumer or business demand. 3 – Sales and revenues justify hiring. The point I’m trying to make here is that the top reasons for hiring or not hiring right now are all demand-related. Which makes this retweet by my congressional representative especially aggravating:

@SmallBizGOP Poll:  and Federal Regulations are preventing Owners from hiring via 

Of course, the poll didn’t actually show that small biz owners aren’t hiring because of the Affordable Care Act. And trying to argue that health care costs wouldn’t be rising if not for the ACA is ridiculus.

Only a politican would use a Gallup poll and choose to use the fifth and sixth reasons to justify their perferred policy prescriptions.

*Updated – Added missing Gallup link.


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