Wow. Just, wow.

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. Sometimes, it really is this easy. This morning’s buzz on my RSS feed surrounded a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey that reinforces several political stereotypes about Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi. Ostensibly, PPP’s purpose was to gauge likely Republican voter sentiments in the lead up to tomorrows caucuses (or primaries, I’m not 100% sure) for the GOP presidential candidates. Yet perhaps to provide a few chuckles and groans (or heck, even nods of approval if that’s your thing), whatever the reason, they decided to include questions about President Obama’s religion, their stance towards evolution and the legality of interracial message. The results?

For Alabama:

Now, granted, these results could be skewed because when you really don’t like someone you might be more tempted present doubtfulness or deceit towards them based on unrelated grievances. So there’s that caveat, but really Alabama (Republicans), are you that unsure about Obama’s religion?

For Mississippi?

Mississippi is even more skeptical (or resentful) of Obama’s religious orientation, evolution, and for the love of everything interracial marriage.

Keep in mind folks, this isn’t a question about whether people should marry outside their race. It’s asking whether is should even be legal. As PPP so elequountely spins it (emphasis added, or the lines I laughed too):

Alabama’s pretty much on board with interracial marriage, with 67% of voters thinking it should be legal to 21% who think it should not be. There’s still some skepticism in Mississippi though– only 54% of voters think it should be legal, while 29% believe it should be illegal. […]

I’m glad we’ve gotten to the point where Alabama Republicans have gotten “pretty much on board with interracial marriage.” Maybe there’s hope for the future in Mississippi.


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