More Money, Less Wealth

The Pew Economic Mobility Project has released a new report covering a few different areas; economic mobility (obviously), but also wealth and income differences between generations.  So this touches on income inequality, wealth disparities, and absolute and relative mobility – things I’m interested in if you’ve been following this blog. Much of this information isn’t entirely new, at least to me, but it’s always helpful to see it neatly compiled with new graphs. I thought I’d share a few of those charts, which are self-explanatory so I won’t interject any commentary, but I recommend reading (PDF) the whole thing – it’s fairly short, but concise, at 27 pages.

1) Family Income

2) Family Wealth

3) Relative Mobility

4) Absolute and Relative Mobility

The data is mostly drawn from a longitudinal study starting in 1968 – for income, specifically – and the wealth portions are drawn from 1984 onwards (see the endnotes in the report for how they adjusted for the disparity). Questions, comments, concerns?

(h/t Kevin Drum)


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