Two Medicaid roads diverged in the election…

Yglesias, playing off a good Brian Beutler piece, hammers home what a growing number of people have been saying most of this election cycle — the biggest policy difference between president Obama and Mitt Romney is Medicaid, Medicaid, Medicaid:

Most of the important issues the candidates aren't talking about are subjects—from drug prohibition to climate change to patents—where the candidates simply don't have sharply contrasting agendas. But on Medicaid they really do.

This divergence is perhaps best illustrated by this graph from the tireless folks at the Incidental Economist:


Now the headline of this post is a riff off of Robert Frost's famous poem. What's often misunderstood about that piece is that Frost isn't saying he actually took the road less traveled, but that later in life he'll say that he did despite the reality that both roads were the same. That is not the case with Medicaid's future. There really are two different paths, and my fear is that people will only knowingly vote by proxy for one (via Obama and the Affordable Care Act) while later in life (untruthfully) telling others that they chose the non-destructive path.

*Edited for clarity.


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