Congratulations and Condolences

I certainly didn't expect the night to end so young (though I'm writing this at a gawd-awful hour), but it did. Obama will get his second term. From the president's Twitter feed:

From Getty Images:


Indeed. More importantly though, from my perspective at least, these next four years will not include the issues that worried me the most — a half-hazard (or full) repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the block-granting of Medicaid, the appointment of Supreme Court justices that would be disinclined to support equal rights. Yet the night has also brought other surprises; the decimation of Republican hopes to retake the Senate, marijuana legalization in two states, marriage equality in three others, the first openly-gay Senator elected in Wisconsin…among so many others. It will be a lot to sort through in the next few days, but I view all these items as positive developments for our country.

I understand that many around me, especially family and some friends, do not share my sentiments. That's okay. We stand for the things we believe in and let the chips fall where they may, in this regard. Above all else I hold love and respect for those who know me in ways other than a random blog (and Twitter feed) on the internet. By no stretch of the imagination are the issues that affect us the most a closed conversation now. The days that follow should be a continuation, not a cessation, of that dialogue. I hope you will join me.


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