It’s time to ignore McCain’s opinion about Susan Rice

I’ve mostly kept myself out of the Benhgazi-gate nonsense, but I’ve been keeping tabs via Drum and Weigel’s coverage. The most untenable angle of this (perhaps scandal-envy driven) political witch-hunt is best represented by Senator McCain’s obtuse obsession with UN ambassador Susan Rice — suddenly more important now that the president is interested in nominating her for Secretary of State (SoS) following Clinton’s departure. The impetus for this post comes from McCain’s appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation this morning (h/t ThinkProgess):



So McCain is saying he won’t support any SoS nomination until he gets the Benghazi answer he wants, and suggests that the road to redemption for Rice is by “publicly coming back on the show and saying ‘I was wrong.'” That McCain and others feel that Rice should personally apologize for whatever crap-tastic CIA-prepared talking points she was given should cue you on where the politicalization is in this whole process — and that McCain feels the need to adjudicate this obsession on the Sunday talk shows should tell you how serious to take him. Remember, this is coming from the individual who skipped the closed-door Benghazi hearing to hold a press conference calling for…Benghazi hearings.

As far as the SoS nomination goes, his now-blanket opposition is not being replicated among a significant number of other Senators (Graham and Ayotte non-withstanding). His opinion doesn’t seem influential or contagious enough to build the sort of coalition necessary to block a potential Rice nomination — which when coupled with his other bizarre demands, also means it is okay to ignore what he has to say about the issue altogether.


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