I took a break from social media this weekend — essentially from Friday afternoon until now. The tragedy in Newtown Connecticut was difficult for me to process as anything other than with a father’s reaction to strangers losing their children. I had nothing profound or unique to add, and no other subject seemed important enough to comment on during the immediate aftermath. So I spent the time with family and laughter and all the normal things that seem suddenly more precious when the day to day lull of life is disrupted.

There was and will continue to be a conversation about what we can do (if anything) to prevent these horrific events. Since my daughter was born my feelings towards such things have, understandably, changed. Yet on the question of what to do, I just don’t know. Every parent shares that mostly silent fear of what may happen to your child in a world you cannot control and I am no different. Moving ahead I will approach this in the most basic way; that wherever the discussion goes it will be with the acceptance that at some point I expect society to watch over my kiddo when I’m not around, and the events of Newtown is a reminder of how fragile that watchfulness truly is.

My heart goes out to all those involved.



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