Photo of the Day: A Piano in Ukraine

Via Het Laatste Nieuw (The Latest News), a Dutch-language news site. Copyrighted to Andriy Meakovsky.

Piano Playing Kiev

This picture was taken in Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine. Massive protests have rocked the country over the past two weeks after the collapse of a European Union trade deal. Supporters see integration with the EU as a crucial step to economic growth and separation from Russian — the latest setback is being attributing to pressure from Moscow on President Yanukovich. Yesterday “hundreds of thousands took to the streets,” notably toppling a statue of a statue of Vladimir Lenin, and today it’s being reported that riot police are moving into the central square “in what appeared to be preparations by the Ukrainian government to regain control.”

Ukraine officially declared it’s independence from Russia in 1990, but their northern neighbors have long since continued to exert influence. It’s not a simple story, and current events represent the second major contentious political moment there in a decade (read-up on the Orange Revolution). For a decent primer I’d recommend this piece in the New York Times. They also have a good timeline here.


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