Obligatory end of the year post


It’s that time of the season, when folks reflect on the past twelve months or think about the next dozen. I don’t actually have a routine for personal reflection during the New Years and I don’t really make resolutions. For what it’s worth I’ve had a bittersweet December this year. Some important things didn’t work out. So I’m back in the Sunshine State, and more importantly, back to my family. This isn’t a personal blog, I know, and for all the time I spend sharing thoughts on the internet I’m still a private person. I won’t bore you with any more details. Suffice it say that, depending on what kind of work I can find, blog matters are in flux and if things become erratic, temporarily silent, who knows, well, I hope you understand.

I should write some words, at least, on what has been a good year for the blog. It is such a unique and wonderful feeling to have anyone read anything you write, and by that measurement 2013 was my most active year. Humorously, as these things tend to go, the most read post was actually published in January of 2012, on why low income voting matters. Notables from this year include The New Republican Replacement for Obamacare, and The Hourglass Economy. I also spent a decent chunk of time writing course-related studies, which I’ve categorized under the Sociology heading here.

I’ve blogged a lot on health care reform and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I’m sure that will continue into the new year but, if my current mood stands, I’ll probably pull back some from the minutiae or day-to-day outrages. It is still an important issue and my advocacy for the expansion of health care security and coverage persists. Yet what has been a time ripe for motivated speculation, offense and defense, will change starting tomorrow. The ACA will no longer primarily be blog fodder but a substantial and increasing benefit for many. It’s been a long road for supporters and opponents alike, and for better or worse the coverage of reform will change. My thoughts and writing should reflect that reality.

More than anything else though; thank you. Punditocracy has gone longer than I imagined — a part of a slightly broader project in its 30th month. I’ve also immensely enjoyed the opportunity to contribute over at The McLean Parlor, and encourage you to continue reading there as well. I appreciate the folks that have followed, engaged, and read both. Really, thank you for this past year and best wishes to you for the future.


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