Oh Happy Day(s)


Via Slate.

I’m thinking of the last decade.

I’m thinking of the moral arc of the universe.

I’m thinking of how much “bullshit went to bullshit heaven” yesterday.

I’m thinking of the colors of the rainbow.

I’m thinking of what it was like for those beautiful lives before it was legal.

I’m thinking of “All of it. In one fell, final swoop. Know hope.

I’m thinking of those who didn’t make it.

I’m thinking of a coworkers face, just after the news, a sunrise smile of triumph below eyes trying so hard to keep it together before bursting. I think I saw the raw joy of relief and love over letting go of a lifetime’s worth of knowing it was never, ever, gonna happen. Because it did. It happened. In the end, love wins.

Congratulations everyone.


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