Goodbye 2015

And holidays too.

And holidays too.

A coworker asked me the other day if I was excited for the new year, and I responded with a raised eyebrow (something I’m known for, apparently). As a holiday New Years isn’t something I put a lot of emotional effort into, nor work all that much to recognize the symbolism of changing the year. Honestly, my calendar life revolves around monthly bill cycles and not much else. Like most days this is just another shift. It does feel like an ending, but not a beginning, and I’ve had enough of the former in my life to not need a day to celebrate it.

I’ve been absent from this space the last two months, because reasons. This four and half-year long project is still important to me, but I’m not subject to deadlines. I’ve grown enough as a writer and a person to know when I need to take time off. For personal reasons, that’ll probably continue into the next year.

Still. I appreciate it when y’all visit, and think that this work is worth reading. My most popular post from this year was Sleep Inequality, which might have something to do with the content but I’d understand if it was only because of the header pic. In short, the greater your household income the likelier you are to get better sleep. This idea really only showed up as blip in the continuing conversation over inequality, which is a shame because short-sleeping (<6 hours a night) is a genuine public health issue and an under-discussed aspect of the biological consequences of poverty.

The second most-popular piece from 2015 was Poverty policy that works is a known thing. I’ve particularly transitioned into this framing because I believe we do ourselves a disservice by treating a lack of survivable income as something other than not having enough money. It bypasses the murky environment that the majority of policy circles treads through as they excuse themselves from the complicity of perpetuating an unjust distribution. These folks hand-wave towards poverty, like children flinging imaginary Force-pushes, and claim values and marriage and success sequences will solve things. It won’t. Cash will.

Again, I appreciate the visits. I wish you and yours the best for the new year. Thank you, and stay safe.


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