it’s a well-paying job if you can get it, apparently


Although it’s going to produce a historic lawsuit, helping design a program for performing enhanced interrogation torture for the Central Intelligence Agency is a lucrative gig:

A lawsuit against two psychologists behind the CIA’s torture program moved forward on Friday, when a judge decided he could not throw out the case.


Psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the defendants in the case, were paid $81 million to help teach the CIA torture methods based on past experiments on dogs and were deeply involved in their implementation.

That two psychologists (who, as far as I know, still have their licenses) were involved in this program is not new information—the L.A. Times profiled the duo’s abominable involvement in 2014 after their involvement was declassified. I suppose I just never caught on to how much the CIA paid for their services, despite according to the Times that the two had no “experience as an interrogator, specialized knowledge of Al Qaeda, a background in terrorism, or any relevant regional, cultural or linguistic expertise, according to document.”

Ha, yeah, nope. It’s just two dudes who thought that past experiments on animal torture would be an $81 million dollar idea and the American government agreed. Torture is wrong, period. Yet if that’s an unconvincing argument for you then know at least that it’s also ineffective, incompetent, and wildly expensive.


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